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Uno jackpot card ideas

Other cards are valued zero.
Players can pretend to have no wildcard if they opt to not reveal and just draw the card instead.
Tortoise - Player/Players (including you) with the most amount roulette strategie verdoppeln of cards can discard until they have the same amount of number as the next person with the most cards.Reflection - Mimics a wildcard from your hand.Envy - Discard cards from your hand based on the amount of players that have less cards in their hand than you.You must show the other wild card as proof for the reflection to work.Product Desciption: It's the UNO you love, but with a Wild Roller that ups the action!I have since completed the project a long time ago but up tricks an spielautomaten online to this day I still receive messages of people asking regarding the set of rules for my custom cards and since the links keep on expiring, I figured I just make a final.If they get it right, you draw 2 cards.If this card is played last, player must draw an additional card to be used.Hare - Player/Players (including you) with the least amount of cards in hand skips their turn 2x Illuminati - Everyone shows their current hand to you and only you.Special cards: (Effect can be used without discard; must show to everyone each time the effect is wanted.If discard pile has less, then owner still draws on what is available.Anniversary update - To celebrate the almost year long traction of the first post, I have added 30 new cards along with artwork!Mixing these wildcards would surely bring even more spice to your games.They have no free will what cards to give, the other person must draw randomly from their hand.

UNO Wild Jackpot, product DNG26, released: 2016, discontinued: Ages: 7 years and.What IS this expansion, its basically some creative and fun ideas you can make off of your blank wild cards.Every card draw or discard that person makes will now be applied to you until your next turn.When you're down to one card, toto lotto hannover südstadt don't forget to yell "UNO!" Contains 108 cards, 8 customizable rule cards, 2 pens, the Wild Roller unit, and instructions.I recommend getting another spare deck for the sole purpose of this and using a thin sticker paper so you won't be limited to the free blank ones.Paradigm shift - each person swaps hands to the person next to them according to the current direction of the game.If the card has none then it just acts as an effect and the next card should still play play the current color.The chosen color should be discarded from all player's current hand.Ghost - Turns into any wildcard you name when put on the field regardless if it was used or still in play.The other players then get to shuffle and place the cards in front of you face down.If more than one person has the same card, they must each draw.The effect only applies when your next turn reaches.Team Spirit - Everyone draws 2 cards.You cant use Kings decree if the draw happened before you have at least 4 cards in hand.If correct, discard 3 cards from hand along with the top drawn card.
Kings decree owner of this card is immune to drawing (If cant play, skip instead of draw) as long as the number of cards in hand is at least.
Copycat - copies the last card placed.

Purity - Renders you immune to wildcards and you cannot be targeted until your next turn.
You cannot select yourself as the one giving.