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More by nuove slot machine bar Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders on, i was fortunate enough to score on Valentine's making the final table of the.50 Super-Knockout!
It was your typical poker-life balance dilemma, one that full-time players are often faced with.
Team PokerStars Pro includes the world's top players from virtually every corner of the world.
It was a fun experience to learn something new in front of an audience.Somebody please wake.One of the common and biggest mistakes Hold'em players make is the way they perceive PLO.When I first got into poker I knew that I was going to shuffle between player/broadcaster/ambassador, and it's really flattering that PokerS.It's a very technical and complex game with more possibilities than.

The Greek poker pro will mr bingstagram be hosting a special stream on the PokerSchoolOnline Twitch channel at 8pm on Tuesday March 8th.More by Roy Bhasin.As complex and nuanced as the game of Pot Limit Omaha is, I have noticed that there are some leaks and pitfalls that are common amongst almost all beginner and intermediate.Initially, the reasons for deciding to get an outside working space instead of staying at home were.PokerStars festivals are, by far, my favorite.More by Liliya Liay5 Novikova.This elite group of poker pros includes champions from some of the most prestigious international tournaments.More by Lex Veldhuis.In this case.
I felt like a total.
More by Lex Veldhuis on, a little more than a year ago I rented my little poker office at a building complex called Solution Space in the heart of my city Cologne - right next to the impressive cathedral called the Dom.

They think it's a gambling game without structure-just pot-sized bets and people jamming flush draws all the time.
I've been playing PLO for close to ten years and have been coaching students in the game for about half that time.