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Poke plays flood escape

In Sun and Moon, Snowy actually picks up his eating habits after staying with him for a weekend.
Unfortunately, it isn't waterproof.
Despite being based on Trainer Red from the games, he is associated with the color blue among his teammates in each arc.
Mouse Quick Reflex Games, All Mouse Quick Reflex Games.At one time they seemed to be friends and went to see movies as seen in Lights, Camerupt, Action.Art Evolution : Compare his character pic above with his first appearance.Sun and Moon zigzags this, since while he is more outwardly buffoonish again, a lot of his insight and competence remains during serious situations, making him more a Cloud Cuckoo Lander than an Idiot Hero.Real Men Wear Pink : Pikachu is perfectly comfortable wearing things an American audience might consider "girly".Culture Blind : It's surprising how a guy who is so obsessed with Pokémon could be so uninformed of others in the other areas.The second was when he had Pikachu use Electro Ball to stop the ceiling from falling on top of Lillie and Gladion in Totem Kommo-o's lair.Surge's Raichu and Sabrina's Kadabra.Mission-Based Shooters:, All Mission-Based Shooters.Everyone Has Standards : Though he can't stand Team Rocket, he does NOT approve of other villains doing horribly cruel things to them.Battle him, on the other hand, and the opponent will find themselves going up against a skilled trainer.Racing Car Games, All Racing Car Games.The Fettered : Believes in determination and hard work to succeed?It becomes obvious that Ash's final Johto roster is inferior to his Kanto Pokémon when the League happens, causing the Johto team to be Out of Focus ; to clarify further, the only Johtos in the last two matches of the League were Bayleef, Totodile.
In some of the Pikachu shorts, he and Meowth are outright pals.

Aesop Amnesia : How many times did Ash learn not to underestimate any trainer or Pokémon or be overconfident only to make the same mistake the next episode?Catchphrase : He'll usually call out a Pokémon's name and say "I choose you!" kimi ni kimeta or "Go, (Pokémon's name before sending it into battle.His response to Dawn's Piplup crushing on another trainer's Marill says it all: But Pokémon like each other all the time.Didn't Think This Through : In the Gym Battle against Elesa he sent out Snivy after waiting a few moments to get her (he thought he only needed one Pokémon to defeat Elesa).He also does this to Lillie in SM053, to protect her from Mother Beast Lusamine's attack.They ended up winning, but certainly not because they were working together!Interpretative Character : Ash's personality varies between region, with the only constants being his enthusiasm, heroism and politeness to others.Not So Different : Meowth is often on the different end of the spectrum to Pikachu, being a blatant Brains Evil, Brawn Good rivalry.Ash's rather touchy-feely relationship with Pikachu aside, he's been crushed on by Chikorita (who later evolved into Bayleef ) and Aipom.Adaptational Name Change : Contrary to fan belief, Ash is the anime incarnation of the trainer protagonist from Pokémon Red and Blue.Team Dad : Pikachu is often trying real hard to guide care for all the younger (or just less experienced) Pokémon, and is highly protective of them - from babies like Togepi, to rookies like Axew, to even his buddy Piplup.Many human girls can't resist his cuteness and squeeze him too hard as a result.
Unless you make him really angry - in which case it goes out the window and he'll smash the ever loving crud out of you, no matter what you throw back at him.

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