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Poke bonnet history

Crespine, crispine - ( Gothic ) A development in the reticulated headdress, consisting of the tight golden headband to which the cauls were attached on the sides.
Scotchmen still call their caps bonnet.
Bluebonnet - Broad, slat cap of dark blue wool, woven in one piece.Usually woven in one piece.A larger beret style was a favourite of King Henry viii during the sixteenth century.Seen in portraits of aristocrats of the period.Williams online merkur spielautomaten und tricks At last they arrived close to their destination, and at once, at a nudge from Tyler, turned towards the stern.Hat that covered the head to the neck in back; it came to the eyebrows in front.

In 1850, Queen Victoria and her Prince Consort made the Aberdeenshire, Scotland castle of Balmoral their summer residence, The Queen dressed the prince in the Highland costume and created a fashion.Derby - ( der bi ) - ( British, dar bi ) In 1888, the 12th Earl of Derby visited the United States wearing a stiff, hard, brown felt hat that had dome-shaped crown and a narrow, a slightly curled brim.) See statue CAP.The name indicated that a mixture of wool and rabbit fur had been added to these types of hats.Christian headcovering in some denominations such as, anabaptists and, conservative Quakers, mainly in America.Chapeau bras - A military bicorne that could be folded flat chapeau claque - See Gibus hat.Cowboy HAT - Originally a felt hat worn by cattle herders.
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Also billycock, bowler, clocker, cokes.