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0217) Myra declares herself "free at last" from Hank; tears up her contract.
He's also very opposed to the new anti-gun law Matthew convinces the council to pass.
0413) Myra seems to have become restless and slightly impatient with Horace of late - Preston notices this as she's going over some figures with Horace in the telegraph office.
George Custer i indiański wódz, czarny Kocioł.Sadly, a fight between them breaks out at the ground-breaking ceremony itself.Kiedy kochasz kogoś 16 (90) The Ice Man Cometh Oszuści 17 (91) Dead or Alive, Part 1 Martwy lub żywy, część 1 18 (92) Dead or Alive, Part 2 Martwy lub żywy, część 2 19 (93) Deal with the Devil Umowa z diabłem 20 (94).I was the oldest.0225 horace, a virgin on his wedding night, has problems consummating his marriage to Myra, for various reasons (impotence, reluctance/shyness on her part, etc.) Eventually, they overcome their difficulties.Samantha kwam te vroeg ter wereld ( vroeggeboorte ) via een keizersnede uitgevoerd door Colleen omdat.Mike is out of town.Zus, myra heeft tot slot nog een zus waar ze naartoe gaat als het niet meer goed botert tussen haar en Horace.Later dacht Myra dat ze zwanger was, wat woede bij Hank opriep, en zeker toen hij hoorde dat Horace beweerde dat hij de vader was.As Emma leaves, he mutters to himself, "Gettin' too old for this." 0415) Hank is taken in by confidence men Curtis Roper and Randolph Cummings and invests in their "home-refrigeration-box" scam.W polskiej wersji językowej serial nie został w tej formie wydany.Hank gets into a fight (nothing major) defending Zack.When she says she's her own person and that she doesn't need his "permission" to work, he's at first huffy, but later he gracefully appears with a flower and gives it to her on the job on her first day of work.Aanvankelijk weigert Horace de baan aan Myra, maar uiteindelijk stemt hij wel toe.Horace is disturbed by Dorothy's description in her book of Myra's life as a former prostitute, not because of Myra's having been a prostitute, but rather, as Myra later uncovers, he feels he was ineffectual about helping her get out of her prostitution contract with.Horace is not happy when Preston offers Myra a job as a bank teller.
Colorado Springs na, dzikim Zachodzie.

Unlike most the townsfolk, Horace keeps an open mind about Darwin's theory of evolution; in fact, he thinks ".0217) Hank waters his whiskey; Matthew catches him.Fortunately for Hank (and other townsfolk Sully wires ahead to Mike and the Reverend, who are in Denver immunizing some Indian School children, and Mike and the Reverend cook up a bait-and-switch scheme of their own, thus managing to get the people of Colorado Springs'.0320) When Grace asks Myra (currently nursing new infant Samantha) to nurse the Indian baby Mike and Sully bring back from Washita, Horace is reluctant, but Myra agrees to.Myra goes to church (on Horace's arm) for the first time.Quinn, Part 1 Cooper kontra Quinn, część 1 18 (63) Cooper.Myra says she's going to go visit her sister, who's never seen Samantha; Horace watches the train leave, a disconsolate look on his face, and we know that Myra's probably not coming back, ever.Only Mike's fast work saves her from bleeding to death.0320 horace suffers extreme grogginess/disorientation as a player during the All-Stars.His showing up denotes tacit approval, or at least acceptance, of the wedding.0318 0319) Samantha plays "baby Jesus" in the Reverend's "living nativity a Christmas größter jackpot amerika celebration extravaganza in which many townsfolk play parts.Start your free trial).0221) Hank sends Myra in with Dandy John O'Malley, who cuts her.