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Microsoft bing news search api

Bing uses this header to provide users with consistent behavior across Bing API calls.
Note: Bing responses may or may not include this header.
And if the error is related to a parameter value, the value field identifies the value that is not valid.If you use the http protocol instead of https, Bing returns HttpNotAllowed, and the http status code is 410.Use this parameter along with the count parameter to page results.The Top Keywords on the bottom-left is a word cloud of the top 10 keywords in the news headlines.If the term is empty (for example, q the response includes the top news stories.String description A short description of the news article.For information about the json objects that the response may include, see.You may set category to a parent category such as Entertainment or one of its subcategories such as Entertainment_MovieAndTV.Bing Search API Use and Display requirements.If the article includes an image, and this parameter is set to true, the image's contentUrl property contains a URL that you may use to download the original image from the publisher's website.Struct SearchResult public String jsonResult; public Dictionary String, String relevantHeaders; Create a method named BingNewsSearch to perform the call to the API, and set the return type to the SearchResult struct created earlier.If you don't have an Azure subscription, you can create an account for free.For more information, including expected format, see.Up on the top-right corner you can turn off the sentiment sorting and see what the Bing-ranked results look like.String readLink The URL that returns this answer.This parameter and the mkt query parameter are mutually exclusivedo not specify both.
500 Unexpected server error.
Specify the language using the ISO 639-1 2-letter language code.

Do not obfuscate the address (for example, by changing the last octet to 0).The next time the user uses your app on that device, get the client ID that you persisted.For a list of possible codes, see Error Codes.If true, the response used this sort order.To use this parameter, also specify the sortBy parameter.Name Value Type id An identifier that identifies the articles sort order.Json-LD, set the Accept header to application/ldjson.The longitude must be greater than or equal to -180.0 and less than or equal to 180.0.String ErrorResponse The top-level object that the response includes when the request fails."parameter "q" type "ErrorResponse "errors "code "InvalidAuthorization bing bong song elijah "subCode "AuthorizationMissing "message "Authorization is required.Then deserialize the json into an object.Specify this key only if the sp key is nonzero.Today's top news, get the top news stories for the day, across all categories.Then add the following namespaces into the main code file.
For information about the headers that requests should include, see.
Name Value Type _type Type hint.

The Web Search API includes this field.
Note: If the request comes from a market that Bing's adult policy requires that safeSearch is set to Strict, Bing ignores the safeSearch value and uses Strict.
The following are the possible values.