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The hardcore scenes were shot about a year later, you'll notice Lina Romay's hair is different.
Rodeo clown, the cynical Polish mercenary who tutored the idealistic peasant tells how he and a dedicated female radical fought for the soul of the Guerilla general Paco, as Mexican's threw off repressive government and all-powerful landowners in the 1910's.
BA A517 Ravager (97) aka: Ravager - Die Virusfalle A cargo craft with civilians crashes on a deserted island that is the storage place for nuclear waste.
BA A503 Magic Fire (55) aka: Frauen um Richard Wagner This is supposed to be the story of Richard Wagner and uses much of his original music. 20 that's twenty boobs!A sequel to 'The Awful.There's much more to this, with some very interesting plot elements not usually found in this type.N949 Sparrows Fluttering, The (88) aka: Il frullo del passero aka: La femme de mes amours A woman (Ornella Muti who has been the mistress of a man that has just died, thinks about leaving the little Italian village where they lived, and moving.She encounters alcoholic lesbians, junkies, pimps, hookers and lots of go-go dancers.Michael Whalen and Lynne Roberts star P961 Mysterious Rider, The (38) Ben Wade decides to return to his father's old ranch incognito, 20 years after he was framed for murder and his foreman (who framed him) took over the ranch.Lew Ayres, June Knight and Alan Dinehart star. .It begins with a guy (what is that?For some reason some groups consider this racist and you never see reruns.V.BA D79 Sartana in the Valley of Death (68) aka: Ballad of Death Valley aka: Sartana nella valle degli avvoltoi aka: Sartana in the Valley of the Vultures Lee left 4 dead pre order bonus Calloway (William Berger) is hired to break a trio of brothers out of prison for half.Kind of a haunting, downbeat film, check it out!Infection begins which makes you super-strength psychotic. .

With James Garner, George Kennedy and Eva (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage) Renzi.Barry MacKay and Rochelle Hudson star.Did she witness a murder? .A277 Murder in the Music Hall (46) Ice-skating headliner Vera Ralston (Lila Leighton) is being blackmailed to quit her show and team up with ex-partner Edward Norris (Carl Lang).He becomes interested in the back-story and wants to make a movie about it- but soon finds that there are those apposed to him digging up old ghosts.Everybody wants to bed Sequin (Yvonne DeCarlo, Lily Munster) and complications are in store for all.The guy most likely to score fails, and then falls in with the sister while the nerdy guy gets more than he can handle!The major theme of the movie is technical advances versus nature.
Jerri Hayes stars, in her one and only film.