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Isa karte in pci slot

I am assuming that this is what the end goal is; use an existing I/O card lotto hessen virtuelle sportlotterie (isa) in a PCI slot.
Most all Pentium II's and many Pentium III's have what you need.I also have a PCI Creative AWE64 soundcard.I used to know some basics about the ISA bus but PCI is a bit out of my league and ISA is disappearing quickly.I've seen this coming.Jim Stewart, celerox Digital Solutions 519.895.8750.I don't know that developing a PCI to ISA adapter would be any easier than developing your own PCI I/O board.I have developed several PCI interface cards (automation network interface cards) and can give you a basic idea of where to start in your own development. Lab equipment is usually very expensive and not replaceable.

By Paul Fritze on 15 August, :03.I was wondering if you ever found a solution on how to hook up an ISA card to a PCI slot, I need a fix here at my work and would appreciate any information you could provide.I would get an Athlon, raid (or 7200rpm HD) and DDR.I can't get the drivers for.Paul [email protected], adam wrote: What would it take to build a digital or analog I/O interface PCI card? Probably costs 10X what your nice, new computer costs.Has troubles with Dx8.0a.I would buy a board with the AC97 sound, the ones I have used work well.«Last Edit: July 11, 2005, 02:53:33 PM by Computer_Commando».Maybe something like the "Servo-to-Go" card ( m/ ) but for PCI.(I got 10 when I removed my last ISA card).A company named PLX has a line of PCI bridge asics that are designed to ease the conversion of an existing ISA card to PCI.I, personally, have not seen a commerically availible PCI to ISA adapter; but, I have not looked very hard for it either.There is no support for ISA and as far as I know you can't fit one to a PCI slot.
It would be cheaper and simpler to find a slightly older computer that still has 1 or 2 ISA slots in addition to the PCI slots.
Need a solution on how to hook up an ISA card to a PCI slot.