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H0 slot cars

Denis Long writes: I have quite a few BLIs, and karten beim poker a fewer number of MTHs.
The first version was DCC ready, but the current model comes with a decoder and sound factory installed.
Because of the split frame technology in their steam engines they came up with Nylon tubes to form an insulated axle between the metal drive wheels on many of their steam engines.
Also the small handheld radio control unit is no longer available.Special modifications can be made, and I have done so along with special versions of Bowser K4s and others for clients.Still later, they received 2FT2 trucks (like the kind Bowser sells with their tender) making them look just like the other 130P75 tenders.Now repaired, it runs great for me in DC mode, is exceptionally quiet and smooth, lights very nicely (has actual bulbs in numberboards, not sure about headlight and tender backup light-they may be LED-are bright).I sold mine off bought brass versions instead for these problems.I am only interested in comments that might be of interest to others.The key is that the small locos were made for different markets.Some of them run very well and the whole lower boiler and frame is cast, giving them a fair amount of weight.It runs quite well!BLI told me that my first train repairs can take upto 6-8 weeks!Charles Emerson writes: I have installed Soundtraxx decoders in a number of Athearn 2-8-2s and have found no problems installing a decoder and speaker in the tender.This particular locomotive was manufactured in '92 and still runs great to this day.List price for a Big Boy is somewhere between.It went directly to Bachmann under warranty.
A heavy Mikado, a heavy Pacific and a 2-10-4 T-1.
They look nice and run great.

Soooooo, I put them away until now.I put a can motor into a Mantua Pacific which made a good runner into an even better runner.Other comments Dante writes: "If you want affordable camelback steam, you don't really have any other choice.From the comments I have received from readers, I would have to say that the above statement is probably true.Also, the universal joints don't have enough lateral movement which requires some trimming of plastic inside the joint.However, since they cannot be operated in tandem with my own DC locos, I am in the process of selling my BLI steam fleet.These are for the hands-on owner.I have an open layout and I'm using some 1970's DC controllers.They produced the old "Penn Line" series of steam locomotives.Bachmann Spectrum Bachmann has produced model trains in three distinct categories.I club gold casino bonus code 2018 also got three new engines two southern mountains and a Western Maryland decapod.They also made a Big Boy and UP Challenger.There is also ample room inside the Rivarossi Big Boy for 2 motors, allowing the two sets of drivers to change sync or slip independently.Repairs made: The circuit board has been replaced twice and there have been two other repairs that MTH did not identify what they did.Two days later, I had it back for a third time because the sound was sputtering and the loco was shorting out.
Section of the parts site (fits fine).
As a result, they are generally good pullers.