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Bing add business listing

bing add business listing

Is there an easy way to add and verify multiple businesses or locations?
When preparing the bulk upload file, your business name must exactly match the name used during verification.
Address Line 1 Specify the address of your business here.Once logged into your Windows Live ID account you will be redirected to your Bing Business Portal page.You must use that same account to enter the PIN.Make sure to click Submit in lotto lazarettstr the last tab of the edit screen If this option is selected, Bing search results will not show the address line but city and zip will be shown.Otherwise you can specify N or leave this blank.While all businesses must provide a valid address for verification purpose, service provider businesses can choose to hide their address from search results.Description Add text describing your business.You can add up to 100 photos.Users can track the publishing status from the Home tab on the Bing Places for Business website.
If a listing does not exist, users can add a new one.

Descriptions should be limited to 4096 characters.All of these methods, except for the online option involve receiving a PIN and entering the PIN successfully at the Bing Places for Business website.Select the one that most closely describes your business.If you selected from search results, review the information and update as needed.My business is wrongly marked as closed Search for your business on m using business name, city and zip code.Agencies that want to add listings on Bing Places for Business on behalf of their clients can register as agencies and make use of streamlined methods to manage business listings.Avoid using locations in the business name.M, m) websites here.After successful verification, you can upload your locations.United States: Use the standard two-character postal codes for states.To field to add brief delivery instructions such as mailroom number.Star ratings will be reviewed and inaccurate ratings will be removed.It simply means that Bing doesnt have enough information about your business.Businesses with up to 10 store fronts or centers.However if errors do occur, the following steps can help you resolve the issues.Address Line 2 Use address line 2 to accommodate long addresses that wont fit in address line.
All listings submitted to Bing Places for Business should conform to the data quality guidelines provided below.