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Bada bing lyrics

bada bing lyrics

Verse 2, brothers act fly with no paper in their pocket.
Stunting on the hottie with their jewellery but its foreign.
Its time for some action, girls satisfaction Who's the one girl with turn for Jackson Love her with passion Spliching and splouching Nothing till the morning And the make up might dashing Hell no Hell no What a way to getting started Hell no Hell.
They ask the armistice when I trigger the fireworks.While you make plans to bring your girlfriend to Parc Astérix.Increases the volume, I come make you break the membrane.Fai la domanda giusta, credo che fosse venerdì, forse la vita scorsa.I spend my upswing poker tournament master class life doing evil plans.2008, and I don't have made any resolutions.Do the damn thing Bada Boom Bada Bing!Certified Banks yeah I do the damn thing.D d do the damn thing Bada boom Bada bing.Attitude stink up the place I dont think before I say.And my egos way too big to deflate stunt on your chick when I spit on the stage.Hear from the cats mouth I wont ever back down Caught up in this rap game its like smack down Caught up in this rat race youll get ran down White boy but I create a black cloud From the trap house to a fat.Verse 1 25, 14 mental age, in concert, I want to see your hand in the air and your parental consent.You have maybe softwares that increase visits to your Skyblogs.
Nella festa c'è hotline bling, e qualcosa in tasca, qualcuno chiama e mi dice chi (dice chi).
Everybody hating cause Im blatantly a five star.

I'm nostalgic, I alcoholysis me to whiskey to become an empty shell.I got bars for days I aint never ride a wave.My flow hot like I popped it in a micro wave.Tryna live life fast I rid my past.I landed from the campaign in tequila-gin-vodka, kid.I rap crossover for that you break the ankle.If I was working in New Era, I'll do you one shaped dunce cap.But if I go out my album in over two months, his career will be already over.I come take your gold coins, your daughters, your wives, and I pack, I'm leaving in tram.Hell no, hell no, i'm on the run, I'm on the run.Im only in it for the money I aint here for fame.Can moving down the way, and we left the club and fell in love.I like Tony Parker, but I don't like Tony.A smoke and wine, If you want to you can stay".My album is a threat, the housing is a horse's head.
Hell no, hell no, im on the run, I'm on the run.

Your public prefer my music, I make fan-jacking.
I'm forbidden in room, X-rated, i host my friends who don't have work, I have the feeling to live in the assedics.
But you don't have softwares to pretend to sell albums.